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Webinar Replay: What's New in Office 365?

Are you making the most of your Office 365 software? Microsoft has recently introduced a range of updates to the Office 365 suite. In order to ensure you[...]

How to Identify Spam Emails

Have you ever received emails that are just too good to be true? But too tempting to ignore? It might be best if you’d just ignore them for they might be[...]

Office 365 vs. Microsoft 365: What's the Difference?


Most people are aware of the Microsoft Office Suite. Office has been around for a very long time, in fact you used to be able to buy it on CDs, remember[...]

Before you panic, here's how to recall an email in Outlook

4 tips for avoiding an embarrassing mistake

Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling as you realise you have accidentally sent an email to the[...]

How Your Data Can Be Lost in the Cloud (and How to Prevent It)


If you are using one of the major Software as a Service Offerings (SAAS), such as Office 365 or public cloud file storage, then you are benefitting from[...]

Is Your Current IT Service Provider Making Your Life Easier?

Despite promises of convenience, today’s Information Technology (IT) doesn't always deliver a hassle-free experience. Not everyone is trained (or[...]

How easy is it to guess your password?

Stop the hackers with our password security tips

It is a common understanding that passwords are supposed to protect our accounts. But how much does your[...]

Office 365 for the Real World: Webinar Replay + Notes

Have you ever wondered how other businesses utilise their business software? The Office 365 suite offers so much capability in powering up your business[...]

How to Create a Modern Workplace that your Team Loves


One of the very cool benefits in my job here as Client Success Manager at Grassroots IT, other than the privilege of partnering with a wide variety of[...]

Why You Shouldn't Be Using Email as a Collaboration Tool


The email In-box can be a magical place. Once opened, it has the capability to soak up a good healthy chunk of your working day. I don’t think it’s an[...]

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