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What is your strategy? Do you really have one?

“Our strategy is to provide a superior service and charge more than the competition does.” “Our strategy is cost based…we can service the client cheaper[...]

Tech Toy Review: Linksys Business IP Phone

My latest review project came in the form of a Linksys SPA941 Business VOIP Phone. For those not completely familiar with VOIP, it stands for Voice Over[...]

Email Marketing

In this technological age, sending emails to clients can be a great, cost-effective way for small businesses to keep in contact with their clients. [...]

Tricky Stuff on your PC: Burning CDs

So you have a CD burner and you want to create a CD of your digital photos or some important documents, but aren't exactly sure how to burn files to a[...]

Going Mobile: Morrtel iBurst

When I was given the chance to try out ‘wireless’ broadband, the geek in me reared its head. I could just imagine myself cruising down the highway, top[...]

Beyond Motivation: A Passion For...

It seems that just as we shifted paradigms in the eighties, we worked synergistically in the nineties; now we are passionate in the naughties.   Even my[...]

Your Very Own Spot on the World Wide Web

Having your own domain name is a great way to identify your business to your clients, suppliers and partners on the internet. A domain name is the[...]

Tech Toy Review: BlueAnt SuperTooth 2

I’m always sceptical of Bluetooth devices that promise to give you that ‘car-kit’ experience without the bite in your hip pocket. The SuperTooth 2 was no[...]

Tricky Stuff in Windows: Folder View

We all have our preferences when it comes to how to view items and menus on our computer.  In Windows Explorer (the program where we can view a[...]

Forward Goals for the Financial Year

What are your plans for this financial year? Remember: Last years’ actions will get last years’ results.

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