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BYOD? Good or Bad? We Are Here To Help

Do your employees want to BYOD? That is to say, "Bring Your Own Device" to work? If you answered yes, you are not alone. This is a rising trend that's[...]

BYOD? What’s it all about?

Heard of BYOD, or "bring your own device", to work before? More and more companies are letting or even asking their employees to bring their phones or[...]

Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability

This one isn’t tech related, but it did resonate with me, and I wanted to share. I believe that one of the most important challenges put to us both as[...]

Head in the Clouds

Aside from being the hot topic of 2011, the phrase Cloud Computing has to be the single most misused and misunderstood of all time. According to [...]

New Toys: the Apple iPhone

Okay, now I'm not the sort of guy that tends to go all gooey and 'ooh wow' over new technology. In my world technology is a tool. Technology is the[...]

Being Scam Aware

Discussion about scams, identity theft and fraud has certainly been on the rise in recent years and it can feel as though neither our money nor identity[...]

Why bother with a website?

If you know you'll always have enough business, you don't need a website or to read any further. For the rest of us, it's very simple.  In business, you[...]

Lifestyle - What is it Really?

With the hectic pace of life today, we discover now, more than ever, the importance of having a balanced lifestyle.

The Buzz Word: Mobility

The tech industry is well known for its love of the latest buzz word, the latest trend or technology that will change our lives, and revolutionise the[...]

What is your strategy? Do you really have one?

“Our strategy is to provide a superior service and charge more than the competition does.”“Our strategy is cost based…we can service the client cheaper[...]