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Bringing Order to Chaos – Documents protocols

Everyone has the folder. It’s aptly named ‘Documents’ and it does what it suggests — it functions to store your (my) documents. Sounds easy enough but[...]

Patching & Optimisation – Patch the Holes

If your favourite jeans had a gaping hole in them, you wouldn’t think twice about patching the hole up. Patches in computer terms do essentially the same[...]

Network & Internet – A Degree of Separation

It’s pretty standard procedure now that all staff in a business will have direct access to the Internet on a daily basis. There is no denying that the[...]

Antivirus & Security – Anti Anxiety Pill

Having a solid antivirus and email filtering software for your business is tantamount to taking an anti anxiety pill - leave the stress and enjoy the[...]

Who’s Backing Up?

Backing up what? Backing up all the data on all your business computer systems, that’s what! From client information, ongoing project data, emails and[...]

Three tips for a healthy, happy server

Despite the current surge towards cloud based services, having your own server(s) on premise is still a very valid approach, and will be for a while to[...]

Increase Productivity by Working Remotely

The ability to work remotely (ie: not in the office) from your computer, laptop or even a tablet/smartphone, is pretty much a basic requirement these[...]

Worried about moving to the Cloud? So you should be.

Worried about moving to the cloud because of what might happen if you can't access your data? Well done, because even the big boys of the cloud computing[...]

Malware Alert - CryptoLocker


Windows 8.1 - Meet the new Windows

Microsoft’s new Windows 8.1 is all about you, and the way you work. Having said that, there have been some substantial changes to the way you interact[...]