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All hail SharePoint: the CEO

You might have an abstract idea about the uses of Microsoft Sharepoint Online but its tangible help in areas of collaboration and communication are more[...]

[Video] Opening SharePoint Libraries in Windows Explorer

Here, Cameron talks you through a very easy way of accessing your Microsoft SharePoint files in a more traditional way, through a Windows Explorer window,[...]

[Video] How to Change Your Office365 Password

Working with Office 365 not sure how to change your password? Here's a quick guide.

Demonstrating our Value

When we manage a clients network under one of our Support Agreements, there's often a whole lot of work that we do that might not always be very[...]

Time to grow up – Part 2

In Part 1 of this post we pondered the question of whether it was time for your business to grow up in terms of the IT systems in place, and offered a few[...]

Time to grow up – Part 1

The question to ask your business is: Have we outgrown ourselves?

Backup options for your business

Your systems and data are undoubtedly an important part of your business and to protect these valuable assets you should be taking steps to ensure that[...]

[Video Interview] Current Trends in Technology (aka The Cloud)

I had the opportunity recently to catch up with some friends in the industry to get their thoughts on current trends in the technology, with a view to[...]

Moving to the Cloud Checklist

Is moving to the cloud right for your business?

[Video] What is Microsoft Office Automation

Recently I was lucky enough to sit down with Daryl Christie from Argon Systems to learn more about Microsoft Office Automation, a surprisingly powerful[...]