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Skype for Business Upgrades to Teams

Here’s an update you won’t want to miss: Skype for Business is now being fully upgraded to Teams. What does this mean for you and your business? For[...]

Microsoft says NO! To Passwords

Microsoft has been dropping big news after big news since the beginning of 2018. Last September though, news broke about a game-changing plan – “No[...]

Winding back the clock

We all know that technology is a rapidly changing industry and we are constantly being told we need to keep up. Today, I want to do something[...]

April Tech Round Up

The world of tech has been hitting the headlines recently in a big, bold and not always good kind of way. Here’s our round up of the big new in tech[...]

Office 365 free for students

Education Queensland recently published an article stating that all Queensland state school staff and students can download multiple free copies of[...]

Outlook 2016 Productivity Hacks

Last month we successfully held our Outlook 2016 Productivity Hacks webinar. The webinar was designed to help everyday users of Outlook 2016 expand[...]

Getting the most from Microsoft Office 365 - March 2016 Update

I was recently invited to present at a conference to talk to an audience that we had recently migrated onto Microsoft's Office 365 cloud platform.[...]

Microsoft finally increases SharePoint Online storage to 1TB

Fantastic news for those using SharePoint Online and Office 365 Video as part of their Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Microsoft has finally[...]

Handisoft SQL Update v2.01 Problems

Handisoft recently released another round of updates for their suite of accountancy applications which, if you have managed this product before, can[...]


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