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New usage reports for Office 365

If you use Office 365 in your organization you’ll be delighted to know that Office 365 has released a new reporting dashboard in the admin centre. This[...]

Winding back the clock

We all know that technology is a rapidly changing industry and we are constantly being told we need to keep up. Today, I want to do something[...]

Crafting the perfect Web Marketing Strategy with Jon Hollenberg

A good web marketing strategy doesn't have to be hard, in fact, it can be quite simple. You've just got to know where to start. Our good friend and[...]

April Tech Round Up

The world of tech has been hitting the headlines recently in a big, bold and not always good kind of way. Here’s our round up of the big new in tech[...]

Office 365 free for students

Education Queensland recently published an article stating that all Queensland state school staff and students can download multiple free copies of[...]

Sending the perfect Outlook Meeting Invite

Sending meeting invites directly from your calendar in Microsoft Outlook is one of those super basic features that makes life so much easier for[...]

How secure is your Cyber Security?

Do you have a good grasp on Cyber Security and how it affects your business? Or do you leave it to someone else to worry about, such as a manager or[...]

Getting the most from Microsoft Office 365 - March 2016 Update

I was recently invited to present at a conference to talk to an audience that we had recently migrated onto Microsoft's Office 365 cloud platform.[...]

Microsoft finally increases SharePoint Online storage to 1TB

Fantastic news for those using SharePoint Online and Office 365 Video as part of their Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Microsoft has finally[...]

Setting Out-of-Office message on shared mailboxes

A shared mailbox works the same way as a normal email account, the only difference is it is managed by several people. It allows a group of users to[...]

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