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Businesses tend to spend considerable effort on social media, but email is still really important for client communication and marketing. In fact,[...]

Using Conversation Clean Up to Achieve Inbox Zero

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Before You Panic, Here's How to Recall an Email in Outlook

Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling as you realise you have accidentally sent an email to the wrong person?  

#Ask the Nerdherd: How do I retrieve a permanently deleted email?

Have you had one of those moments when you were working in your Outlook and noticed that  something is missing, either an email or a contact, and then[...]

Conditional Formatting in Outlook 2016

This training video is part our Microsoft Office 365 Training Tutorials series.

Outlook 2016 Productivity Hacks

Last month we successfully held our Outlook 2016 Productivity Hacks webinar. The webinar was designed to help everyday users of Outlook 2016 expand[...]

Sending the perfect Outlook Meeting Invite

Sending meeting invites directly from your calendar in Microsoft Outlook is one of those super basic features that makes life so much easier for[...]

Setting Out-of-Office message on shared mailboxes

A shared mailbox works the same way as a normal email account, the only difference is it is managed by several people. It allows a group of users to[...]

First Impressions of the New Outlook App for iPhone

After acquiring mobile email app Acompli in late 2014, Microsoft has executed a lightning fast rebrand of the product and released it early this year[...]

How to Connect a SharePoint Calendar to Outlook 2013

One of the super handy features of Microsoft SharePoint (included with all Microsoft Office 365 plans) is the ability to very quickly and easily create[...]