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Apple iOS10 Update Breaks PPTP VPN

Apple have now decided that iOS 10 will no longer support PPTP VPN connections. This means that anyone connecting to their iPhone/iPad hotspot, using[...]

Cloud File Storage and Collaboration with Soonr

Before we moved our files over to a cloud file storage system we were struggling keeping our shared files organised. We were constantly emailing[...]

How secure is your Cyber Security?

Do you have a good grasp on Cyber Security and how it affects your business? Or do you leave it to someone else to worry about, such as a manager or[...]

You're looking at it wrong - set up your external monitor vertically

Here’s a great tip that not enough people consider, to make their computer based workflows far more efficient. Just flip your computer monitor from the[...]

Which brand of computer is best?

Why we only recommend computers from tier one vendors 


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