#Ask the Nerdherd: Is It Better to Shut Down or Restart my Computer?

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Alright, I know you probably roll your eyes when you're having a computer problem and us nerdy types tell you to "turn it off and then turn it back on again", but there is method in our madness, promise ;) In our latest #askthenerdherd video, Ben talks about the difference between restarting and shutting down your computer and why it's not such silly advice.

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So, rebooting a computer. It may seem like a silly thing to address in an Ask the #Nerdherd video but you'd be surprised how often this comes up. 

If you have an problem with your computer, please Restart it and see if that fixes the problem. Surprisingly, most of the time restarting the computer does actually does fix the computer issue you're experiencing.

But, how do I actually restart a computer? Or should I shut it down?

Some changes came through after Windows 8 was released where shutting down computer is no longer is the same as restarting the computer. On older Windows versions, we could shut down our computer by selecting shut down, then power off and then power it back up - and this was the same thing as a restart.

However, this is not the case anymore. From Windows 8-10, there is a feature called Fast Boot/Start Up. This means that when you shut down your computer, it goes into a sleep state and not actually clearing out all messy memory and the bugs we are trying to get rid of. So when you need to restart the computer (either to solve a problem or apply updates), you need to actually restart it (by going to the start menu and selecting Restart), as shutting it down will no longer do the trick.

So, next time you're experiencing some computer issues, first try to resolve them by Restarting your computer and hopefully that will be the fix you need. 

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