#Ask the Nerdherd: How do I retrieve a permanently deleted email?

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Have you had one of those moments when you were working in your Outlook and noticed that  something is missing, either an email or a contact, and then realized that it has ACTUALLY BEEN DELETED. Oh no! This could be a bit of a problem for you. But don’t you worry! Ben addresses this issue on this latest  #askthenerdherd video.


The great news is Outlook has this feature called Recovering Deleted Items.

Let's say you've got an email in your inbox that you don’t need - you press the Delete key. That email then goes to your Deleted Items folder in Outlook, where you can just easily retrieve it by opening it up and dragging it back to your inbox. However, in the case you periodically empty your Deleted items (which is a good thing by the way!), that is where this Recovering Deleted Items step happens - When you have emptied the deleted items folder but you realize you actually needed something from there. 

How do we do it?

  1. In Outlook, go to your Deleted Items folder. Have a look at the upper left and you'll see the button - Recover the Deleted Items from Server.

Recover Deleted Items

2. Click on the Recover Deleted Items button where a new window will pop up showing you all the emails that have gone to your Deleted Items folder but have then been emptied from the Deleted Items folder.

.Recover Deleted Items - new window
3. Select one or more items you want to retrieve. Click in the Restore Items radio button and press OK, and those items will reappear in the Deleted Items folder.

Voila! Problem solved. 


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