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It doesn’t matter if you are selling nuts and bolts, complex financial or technical systems, a question keeping business owners of all sizes up at night is the same one that has been keeping forward-thinking business owners up for years: How do I grow my business and keep my customers while remaining profitable and ahead of the competition?

This question may have remained the same over the years, but the world has changed, and oh how it has changed! Cast your mind back as little as ten years ago (yes, there was an internet even back then) could you imagine the speed and interconnectedness of the world today? I still haven’t got my promised hoverboard yet, but the way I engage with businesses I deal with has transformed completely. 

Technology now allows me to read reviews, compare and contrast businesses. As a consumer, I expect to have immediate access to the businesses I deal with and I expect my issues to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. But here’s the thing: it’s no longer enough to just offer great customer service.  

So, what’s the answer to this question of growing and keeping ahead of the game? Here at GrassrootsIT, we believe that it lies with the most important people in our community - our clients.  

Our clients hold the key to exciting new products, or innovative new ways to utilise existing products to impact on real business challenges, more refined communications and more efficient processes.  

Our existing clients can tell us why they became a customer in the first place. They are not shy in sharing what is working for them, as well as what is not, and for that we are sincerely grateful because, after all, our client’s success is our success! We not only want to involve clients in the way we do business, but place them at the very centre of everything that we do. 

Being a client-centric business doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of time or money and, in fact, it can be both immensely rewarding as well as highly effective to build the business on the solid foundation of your client base. 

Let’s share a handful of the things we like to do here at Grassroots IT to keep our clients front of mind. 

1. We make it easy to connect.

We know that technology can be frustrating at times and sometimes your systems don’t seem to want to play nicely, often at the most inconvenient times!  

This is why we provide a variety of avenues for our clients to connect with us  because, when you need something fixed, you want it to happen as efficiently and easily as possible. An important aspect of the customer experience is putting YOU, the customer, in control and allowing you to contact us in the way that feels most comfortable. 

We built the Grassroots Portal for our clients, so you can log a ticket and easily keep track of where your job is up to. Efficient!  

This is a personal favourite of mine, because we understand that sometimes problems can be difficult to explain. The portal gives you some friendly guidance, prompting you with questions as you log your ticket and, if you’d like to, you can even add a screenshot image of exactly what’s going on when you are experiencing the problem. All from the portal in your computer’s task tray, at any time of the day or night. Convenient! 


As you would expect from a company with the tagline “IT Help for Humans”, our clients can connect to a real live technician from the #nerdherd who knows your business and understands how you work. As well as having your own private client portal, you can also contact us via the traditional methods - call us on 1300 554 138, or email Easy! 

We want you to be able to connect with us in person too. It's important to us to have regular catchups with our clients to ensure your IT is aligned with your business goals, to see where you need further help from us with achieving those goals, and as an opportunity to provide us with feedback on the work we're doing with you.

2. We make it easy for our customers to provide feedback. 

If you are already a GrassrootsIT client, do you see these emails after you’ve closed a job ticket? 


I hope you can help us by donating a minute to let us know how we are going.  

We try to make it easy for our clients to provide us with regular feedback. We genuinely value your thoughts because, guess what? Our clients have some awesome ideas! When our clients share their story, they are actually teaching us how to make our business even better.  

Whether you tell us something nice, like how James was extremely helpful and fixed the problem quickly, or have feedback that isn’t quite so smiley, all your responses are extremely valuable and important to us. 

You see, our client’s feedback doesn’t just go into a big digital bucket. Client feedback is shared throughout our organisation, from our nerds on the coalface all the way to the project teams, where it can be discussed and actioned. By having all our staff tuned in to what our clients are thinking, we are able collectively to be better informed and make better product and service decisions as a result. 

3. It’s a team effort with the #nerdherd.

We love talking to our clients about their business. Unearthing this business knowledge brings context to how their business operates and what success looks like for them. Understanding the wider business context informs decisions around the selection of each of the IT systems implemented, how they are used and ultimately connects to better outcomes and an exceptional overall experience. 

It’s a fast-moving world and there are constantly new products, services and processes evolving. It’s deeply satisfying to us here at Grassroots IT to be able to introduce our clients to new ways of working so they can get an edge in a highly competitive space.  

I know it's a popular topic in our blogs from time to time, but it really is true that the wheels just spin better when IT and business are working in harmony. 

4. We share the love. 

Our overarching mission statement is to help our clients do their best work possible through the best possible use of technology.   

We sincerely believe that if we are successful in doing this, then mutual success will follow. To this end, we want to help you to understand the importance of your IT investments and how to best leverage your technology to achieve your goals. 

It’s one thing to have Sharon from Accounts’ printer problems quickly and efficiently dealt with, and of course we love to make our clients day with those little moments that matter, but we also aim to share our passion and knowledge of how to use technology betterWe do this through providing additional educational opportunities to the clients in our community, both in person and virtual.

Clients are welcome to attend in-person training sessions held throughout the year, where you can hear directly from industry experts on new and exciting ways to use the software and systems that you are probably already paying for.  

We understand that life is busy in a small business, so we also bring the love to you right at your desk with regular webinars. If you can’t make it on the day, you can digest the value through our Learning Centre afterwards, whenever is convenient (and even in your pyjamas). Topics covered include such gems as how to maximise your Office 365 subscription.  

You can watch our quick #Ask the Nerdherd videos over on our Facebook page or YouTube Channel and listen to our Power Up Project podcast, both sources of quick tips and tricks when it comes to using technology in your business.

We love our clients. We love to see the fantastic outcomes that our clients are able to deliver in their community and it is truly a joy to have them at the core of everything we do here at Grassroots IT. 

Want to feel the love? If you'd like to find out more about how you can be a valued client of Grassroots IT, contact Gary by clicking the link below so we can find out more about your business needs.

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Picture of Gary Titmarsh

Gary was the previous Client Success Manager at Grassroots IT. He has worked in the IT industry for almost 20 years, in a variety of roles from systems engineer and project manager through to account manager. After gaining vast experience in global organisation IBM, Gary is Six Sigma Green Belt certified and skilled in a variety of Project Management Methodologies including Prince2 and IBM WWPMM. He is fluent in Japanese and enjoys spending time with family in Japan, participating in festivals and playing the Japanese Taiko.

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