No More Crispy Computers During Summer Storms

No More Crispy Computers

It’s that time of year again. Oh, I’m not talking about Christmas, I’m talking about the warmest season of the year: Summer. Summer temperatures are reported to soar above average and an El Nino is even being anticipated for Australia. And along with cricket, scalding car seats and a busy festive season, with Summer in Australia comes the cracking Summer storms. Whenever a Summer storm strikes, our computer systems can be threatened.

Lightning rods strike Brisbane during a Summer Storm

I’m no scientist nor electrician but those of us in the #nerdherd have seen our share of fried computers through the years, so here are our top tips to help your computers survive the storm season:

1. Get yourself a good power protection.

You can get an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) that can provide a sufficient amount of power to keep your computing devices on standby to do a safe shutdown or to wait until the main power source comes back on. It is commonly used to protect your computer from causing injuries and corporate data loss. For less vital systems, you can consider using a Surge Protector instead. It’s not as effective, but it can give you an additional peace of mind.

2. Hire a licensed electrician.

If you don’t have this feature installed yet, you can call out a professional to help with putting safety cut-outs on your switch box.

3. Do a total shut down.

When everything gets worse and you not only have rain but thunder and lightning as well, shut down all of your computers along with your network devices and pull out the plugs.

4. Consider unplugging your devices before leaving.

If you plan to stay out of the office for the holidays, consider pulling the power plugs for all computers and printers out of the wall. You should keep your servers on, though, otherwise your emails won’t send through while you’re away.

5. Secure your backups. 

The storms may not only bring you crispy computers but, soaked computers and servers as well if there is excess water and flooding – which could mean a loss of business data. Backing up your data to store offsite is a great initiative just in case the storm winds bring the rain into your HQ.


Besides your own personal security during the summer storm, you should also consider the welfare of your business equipment when you can. Taking some quick safety precautions can help you to ensure a worry-free holiday vacay.

If you think your data needs more security, you can talk to us about how you can keep your corporate data safe. Schedule a meeting with Gary for 2019.

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