Microsoft says NO! To Passwords

Microsoft says NO! To Passwords

Microsoft has been dropping big news after big news since the beginning of 2018. Last September though, news broke about a game-changing plan – “No more passwords.”

Can you imagine a world without having to remember all those pesky passwords?

Microsoft is planning to eliminate the usage of passcodes for accessing accounts. According to the company, passwords are insecure and an inconvenience to users (amen!) which is probably why nobody likes them. Also, it is an expensive tool for security and yet the humble password’s ability to provide adequate security has been in question for some time.

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft has even been quoted as saying, “One of the biggest security issues is passwords.”

As exciting as it sounds, I can’t help but wonder how Microsoft intends to effectively proceed with the idea of putting an end to passwords. As addressed in last year’s Ignite conference, Microsoft seems to be planning on a complete shutdown of your regularly forgotten codes by making the user the credential.

Bret Arsenault, Chief Information Security Officer, Microsoft

“I’m on a mission to end the use of passwords at Microsoft,” said Bret Arsenault, Microsoft, Chief Information Security Officer

The use of biometrics in today’s world is becoming a common ground for personal identification. It is used for work, for purchases, for verification and authentication to unlock computers and mobile phones - such as the use of Face ID that Apple introduced with the Iphone X.

Unlike having a password that you have to learn to remember (but tend to forget over time), Microsoft aims to provide an authenticator that is always with the user. Backed up by a Multi-Factor Authentication feature (using the Microsoft Authenticator app) and a pin for assurance that you will be able to securely access your account in any situation.

However this plays out in the future, whether it solves a long running problem and creates a leading headstart towards a better data security scheme or result into a barrage of security and complexity issues, it is something worth waiting for. Lead by a vision to provide an intuitive user experience paired up with a safer environment, the sound of digital transformation in the password realm and data security does certainly sound promising.

What are your thoughts about this new development on the way for user authentication technologies? Do you think it’ll provide a positive impact to you and your business or do you see it as a threat to your current processes?


We are big fans of Multi Factor Authentication and having multiple ways of securing your accounts through real-time authentication. So, while Microsoft is working on a solution to passwords, we highly recommend you protect your systems through the use of MFA options currently available. Want to know more?

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