Let's Get You Started with Microsoft Teams: 4 Quick Tips

Four quick how-to videos

You might have it on the to-do list to sort out a platform to connect with your team remotely, or do some research into integrating Microsoft Teams into your organisation. One day. When all of the other items on the to-do list are done. And then, all of a sudden, a pandemic rears its ugly head, throwing the world into chaos, and remote working is no longer an optional extra. Suddenly, sorting out a secure platform for how your team can connect and share files and work online is at the top of the to-do list and needs urgent attention. 

We totally get it. You might not exactly be ready for these new working conditions, but you're embracing the new normal and need to hit the ground running. So we've got your back. 

We've rounded up four quick how-to videos to get you started with Microsoft Teams.

1. Schedule a Video Call (Teams meeting) through Outlook

Similarly to how you'd schedule a meeting in Outlook, you can create a new Teams meeting through Outlook. However, instead of a physical location, Outlook will create a meeting link. At the scheduled meeting time, all meeting attendees can click on the link to the join the virtual meeting on a video or audio call and be able to chat and share files at the same time. 

2. Organise a Teams meeting with someone who doesn't have a Teams account.

Schedule a meeting through Outlook just like you did in the first video and you will be able to send the link to your client. If the client does not have a Microsoft Teams account, the client will still be able to attend the meeting - they will be able to open the meeting in a web browser using the link. 

3. Share files in Microsoft Teams

You can share files by uploading a file into the Teams chat and sending it. The file is then automatically uploaded into the Teams channel for future access. Once the file is uploaded, it's very easy for all parties to then collaborate on the open document in real time. 

4. Add your Sharepoint document library into the Teams channel.

You can embed your Sharepoint document library within Microsoft Teams so that you can access files as if you were actually within Sharepoint. You will then see the document library as a tab at the top of your Teams channel where it has been embedded.

Hopefully this will give you a kick start when it comes to getting your remote team underway on Microsoft Teams. If you'd like to take a deep dive into Microsoft Teams with us, click on the link below to access our on-demand webinar.

Image to link through to on-demand Teams webinar


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