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Microsoft finally increases SharePoint Online storage to 1TB

Fantastic news for those using SharePoint Online and Office 365 Video as part of their Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Microsoft has finally[...]

How we collect Client Feedback

From the day we opened the doors at Grassroots IT over 10 years ago we have had a passionate focus on our clients, and how we can best help “keep the[...]

OneDrive for Business (p1): What to do when an employee leaves your organisation

When an employee leaves your organisation it is important that they don’t take any of your important and private company files with them.

OneDrive for Business (p2): What to do in the case of replacement staff

Following on from our previous article, OneDrive for Business (p1): What to do when an employee leaves your organisation, OneDrive for Business is a[...]

How we use MailChimp and Canva

We believe having active and effective communication with our Grassroots community is an imperative part of our business. We love to share our ideas,[...]

You're looking at it wrong - set up your external monitor vertically

Here’s a great tip that not enough people consider, to make their computer based workflows far more efficient. Just flip your computer monitor from the[...]

How to successfully deal with IT problems

Technology can be an amazingly powerful business enabler, pretty much everyone agrees on that point. But it can also be bloody frustrating at times.[...]

Tim Tams, Justice Crew, and learning to love rollercoasters

Nearly two years ago now our eldest son Sam was diagnosed with Leukaemia. It’s been a hell of a ride since then, learning to live the rollercoaster[...]

Lessons Learned Migrating to Xero from Reckon Quickbooks

Here at the garden shed, we have recently made the move from Quickbooks/Reckon across to Xero, the popular cloud accounting app that you’ve heard us[...]

Do you use HandiTax? Read this before upgrading to Windows 10

Sage Handisoft have recently released a warning to its users that their software will not work with Windows 10 at this stage.

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