Customer Service is the New Marketing

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

Have you ever wondered why customer service is more important than ever?

Do you wish you could use social media can help you improve your customer service?

Have you ever thought, 'how can I surprise and delight my customers?'

We all have! These are common challenges for all of us in business.

Mel Kettle has a Master of Business in Marketing, has run her marketing practice for 11 years, and is a highly sought after speaker and mentor. She has helped clients from around Australia, as well as Canada, England, and USA to communicate effectively and authentically so they attract, engage and retain customers.

We were lucky enough to feature Mel in a recent webinar on why Customer Service is the New Marketing, which you can replay here:



We do business with people we know, like and trust, and Mel discusses how it's possible to utilise social media to have conversations with our customers and build trust in us and our brand.

Organisations that use social media to engage positively with customers have a higher rate of trust and, research shows that a higher rate of trust can lead to 76% more engagement for a business.

We know that it costs more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing customer, so how can we can work smarter at keeping our existing clients happy? Customers generally decide how they feel about a business based on their customer experience. They tend to talk about a business publicly when their experiences are a) terrible and b) awesome, but not when they're just average. Better service isn't unique, but a better experience is.

There are three ways we can give customers a positive experience - we can provide great service, have conversations and provide opportunity. It is in the intersection of these three vital elements that we are able to truly engage with our customers, communicate well and individualise their experience and give them a positive experience with our business. Mel explains this in more detail in the webinar.

A Venn Diagram of a Customer Service Experience

Mel offers a number of practical examples of how businesses have surprised and delighted her as a customer, including her recent experiences at Weber and when the owner of Dello Mano reached out via Twitter after Mel had experienced the sudden loss of her mother. It is due to the positive experiences with these businesses that Mel continues to talk about them publicly, and thus the one seemingly small act of excellent customer service has led to very positive marketing benefits.

Social media expert Mark Shaefer says we need to "Be more human. In every engagement and comment." We need to make our customers feel valued. These days, people expect a timely response to their comments on social media. Some organisations manage their client's expectations on social media really well. Royal Dutch Airlines has a banner on their Twitter account that is regularly updated (every five minutes) with the length of time in which you can expect to receive a response to any tweet.

How can we fall more in love with our clients, rather than our own business and products? Research shows that just a 5% improvement in customer service can lead to significant increase in profitability. Going above and beyond for our clients can go a long way. GE had a great response to their #healthyshare campaign, sending surprise gifts to their customers and generating goodwill for the company. While this is a big budget example, even just a handwritten note to a customer can serve to surprise and delight them.

After a terrible, drawn out experience when his guitar was broken flying with United Airlines, Dave Carroll wrote a catchy tune called 'United Breaks Guitars' which led to a subsequent PR disaster for United Airlines. As a great example of a business being open to opportunities, guitar manufacturer, Taylor Guitars, responded by providing a new guitar to Mr Carroll and reminding customers that they offer a repair service.



Mel concluded the webinar by discussing how just saying thank you to our clients can be a simple yet powerful communication to enhance their experience of our business.

Speaking of thank yous, we are very grateful to Mel Kettle for her time in preparing and presenting this webinar and sharing her insights and knowledge on customer service.

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Annie has worn many hats over her career, from being a Systems Administrator for a serviced office, to working in advertising in the magazine industry, and managing conferences in the Whitsundays. These days, as well as being the Mum of three gorgeous boys, Annie takes care of the marketing at Grassroots IT. She has a passion for creativity, and loves to read, write, paint and spend time with her family and friends.

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