The Small Business Download: an event roundup

Guest post by Aimee Engelmann from Beepo.


The Small Business Download - An Event Roundup

On Thursday afternoon, 7 September, we gathered for the inaugural Small Business Download event for small business leaders.

First up, Loft Bar in West End, Brisbane, was an awesome venue and it was great to witness a connected bunch of business leaders ready to learn and network.

Here's a roundup of the main points from the afternoon of learning:

Mia McIntyre speaking at The Small Business Download event in 2017

Virtual teams are becoming super popular and Mia covered off the basics in cloud based tools as well as the factors that are essentials to get right when it comes to running a successful virtual office. Training is one aspect perceived to be hard, so Mia shared tools like Jing that make it easy to record your training as you do it and make video clips for up to five minutes for free.

Ben and Adam speaking at The Small Business Download event in 2017

Adam from Reload Media helped remind us that, when it comes to marketing, it’s all about the customer (just quietly, my fave topic). We picked up some tips on checking out Google trends, which helps you see the search history for your product and service keywords, and how search demand falls and rises. Adam introduced Frame, a newish tool that helps build an audience profile based on their purchases and media consumption.

Site search in Google Analytics came up in Adam’s session – also loved this tip. Site search in your analytics account help you understand what customers are searching for on your site. Great way to help build FAQs and new content that you need to add to your website. I see this as one of the best tools to help you re-form your web site content to keep the customers point of view at the heart of everything you do (back to my fave topic).

Adam ran through the digital marketing tactics for each stage of the buyer journey, and weaved in case studies. He called out the truth that customers generally don't care about blog content that is about your business (he gave the example of sharing a post about you moving offices) - instead we need to be creating content for the customer.

Katie from WattsNext spoke about HR in our modern world of enormous change, and how to focus on the one 'constant', which is the human element. She discussed creating a great organisational culture (which is not just about pool tables and bean bags), and making sure our business has a 'heartbeat' by setting vision, mission and values (and the true meaning of these concepts). She had valuable advice on how to put people at the centre of our businesses. Katie gave everyone a great worksheet to take back to our businesses to help us facilitate better conversations and action points about our team and culture.

Katie of WattsNext speaking at The Small Business Download event in 2017

Peter from Datto then opened very transparently by telling us he was about to scare the c&%p out of us! He shared various case studies and scary statistics about data security, and I learnt that Malware has some serious implications. I got a little lost in the part about mechanics of Crypto but the essence is that there are real risks, and it can be undetected even by modern malware virus protection. I definitely don’t want to be “Crypto’ed”. What scared me the most is that Crypto even has a affiliate program - what the!?! Great presentation and a hard act to follow.

Peter from Datto speaking at The Small Business Download event in 2017

As the final speaker for the afternoon, I closed out by sharing the four secrets of high growth businesses. I’d love to share the secrets with you but it was attendee-only premium content! But if you'd like access to 107 ideas for outsourcing your sales and marketing, you can use this link to download my free handbook.

Aimee speaking at The Small Business Download event in 2017

After the official part of the afternoon, we moved into the lounge bar to continue conversations over a wine and canapés. We heard some great feedback about the event and I loved knowing that the business leaders who attended came away with actionable ideas to make a real difference in their businesses.

Aimee EngelmannAimee Engelmann is a Speaker, the current CEO of Beepo and recipient of the 2015 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Trailblazer award. Aimee has a passion for helping Australian businesses build more profitable and sustainable operations. She is a frequently requested speaker as an expert in the offshoring and outsourcing industry and business growth.  

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