Why a 4G Backup Internet Connection is a Smart Idea

We have all experienced the disruption and frustration that comes when the internet connection drops out. With so many of our business applications now cloud based, when the internet drops out productivity can screech to a very frustrating and expensive halt. Even for businesses not heavily dependent on cloud based applications, the loss of email and Google searches can be enough to bring howls of annoyance.


Internet outages are an unfortunate reality irrespective of what type of internet connection you have, or how much you pay. Of course some internet connections (such as fibre) will be better and more reliable than others (such as ADSL), but at the end of the day if a backhoe digs up the cable outside your office it is going to take both ADSL and Fibre connections offline.

Of course, wayward backhoes are only one potential cause of an internet outage. There are numerous other possible causes such as equipment failure (either at your office or with your ISP) and good old human error. Consider, too, that although some outages may be very short and easily resolved, other more complex outages may last for hours, days or even longer.

So how do we mitigate this risk to our business? Quite simply, by having a backup internet connection in place that we can fail-over to in the event of the main internet connection suffering an outage. The important thing is that we think about this before we experience a disruptive outage, and not in a mad panic with the whole business offline.

For many small businesses using a 4G internet connection as a backup is an ideal option, as compared to, say, an ADSL connection. A 4G connection uses a mobile phone signal to connect to the internet, meaning that if your outage has been caused by that rogue backhoe operator digging up the cables in your street, the 4G connection will be just fine, whereas a backup ADSL connection would likely also be offline.

The 4G networks in Australia now are also fast enough to provide an excellent experience for all users, although of course this can depend on which 4G network you use, and how strong the 4G reception is at your location. Using a 4G connection for your internet will likely cost more than your ‘normal’ internet connection if you need to download significant amounts of data, but ideally you will only be using the 4G connection for a few hours or days while your main connection is fixed, so costs should be easily contained.

Setting up a 4G backup internet connection can be a very cheap exercise, depending on what features you want. For example we have a number of clients who, in the event of an internet outage, will simply tether their computers to their iPhones and keep working away happily. In other cases your existing internet router may accept a 4G ‘dongle’ and, with a small amount of configuration, be able to share that connection with your entire office. It is even possible to setup these connection so that they will automatically fail over to the 4G when required, minimising your time offline to almost nothing.

A 4G backup internet connection can be an affordable and effective way of protecting your business from expensive downtime. If you'd like to get an internet backup solution in place before an outage occurs (and the howling ensues) give us a call today on 1300 554 138 so we can chat about what you'll need.

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