10 Online Writing and Editing Tools to Help You Produce Quality Content for Your Website

This is a guest post by Gloria Kopp.

In the not too distant past, websites were the exclusive domain of huge multinational enterprises, and not particularly necessary for small or medium sized businesses. However, those times have changed very quickly, and now businesses of all shapes and sizes maintain an online presence, whether they are making the most of social media, websites or a business blog. While it can be hard work to maintain an online presence, the following web-based tools make creating quality, polished content for your audience much more simple than ever before.

1. Ginger Software

Ginger is being used by students, professionals, and amateur bloggers alike as an efficient way to polish their written content. The real beauty of this software is that it can be used on multiple devices, so you can post amazing content even from a mobile device, when you’re on the go.

2. Paper Fellows

When you first start posting online on behalf of your business, it can be incredibly difficult to know where to begin, or if you’re doing anything right. Fortunately, there are some great courses and forums in the Paper Fellows free writing community that can help you gain both skills and confidence.

3. Readability Test Tool

Every business has an idea of the main demographic they target. Their audience will likely have similar interests or tastes, and so you know the appropriate style and tone when you address them. This is a great tool to assess if your writing is too complicated or simple, depending on the academic level of your target audience.

4. Assignment help

Both SEO and your audience are fuelled by perfect spelling and grammar – you look authoritative and competent. One of the best ways to ensure your writing is perfect is to engage the services of a qualified editor or proof reader from this website.

5. Keyword Density Checker

Stuffing your content with keywords will make your business look spammy, and may make your audience think you’re a scam. However, using too few keywords is also bad for SEO, and could make you hard to find. This tool helps you find the perfect balance for your keywords.

6. Pro Writing Aid

This is one of the most comprehensive editing tools available as it reviews your style, and offers you a multitude of suggestions on how to improve your phrasing. This tool ensures that your tone, style, and syntax are a perfect match for your content and audience.

7. Spell Check Plus

Sometimes, we need to post for our business from a mobile device or on the fly while we’re commuting. However, it’s still important to ensure your posts are of a quality standard, so having an online spelling and grammar checker to use before you post can be extremely helpful.

8.  Assignment writing service

When posting for a business, it’s often tempting to ask colleagues to review the content before you post. However, they might be too busy, provide too subjective an opinion or may be worried about offending you, at which point it can be much more effective to hire a professional proof reader or editor from this website to provide an objective opinion.

9. Easy Word Count

It’s now acknowledged across the web that your SEO benefits massively from content that is over 1000 words long and that engagement is optimised by posts that are 1500 words long. You can monitor this aspect of your content using this user friendly tool to count your words.

10. Language Tool

In this global economy, very few businesses now exist in a national vacuum, and almost every company has some kind of international element. If you need to post or write in another language occasionally, this editor is a great way to check over anything that’s not in your mother tongue, as it can accurately proof read over 20 languages.

Maintaining an online presence for your business can be a lot of work, however using the above tools, you can ensure that you are delivering content of a very high standard to your audience via your blog, website and social media.

Are there any writing or editing tools you use regularly?

Gloria Kopp is an digital marketer and an e-learning consultant from Manville City, USA. She graduated from the University of Wyoming and started a career of a web content writer and an educator, now she works as a content manager at Academized company. She is a regular contributor to such websites as Engadget, Boomessays, and Huffington Post.

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