Getting Started with Sharepoint

Getting Started with Sharepoint

As Seth Godin says in his book, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?, 

“Work has changed…. The old system was represented by two parties: those that owned the means to production and those who ran it…In the new system the game has turned inside out. The means to production is now mostly in our hands in the form of our laptops.”

There is a lot of talk around what will work look like in this new digital age? Given what we are already starting to see now, it will encompass the following:

–          Knowledge Sharing

–          Strategic Partnerships (even with competitors!)

–          Networking and Social Interaction (face-to-face and online)

–          Technology!

A Venn diagram of requirements for working virtually
This is such an exciting time for those in business (of all sizes), because it makes all things possible!

Technology has allowed this to occur, whether you’re running *Life Admin, you’re helping someone else achieve their business goals or you’re wanting to achieve yours, this is where O365 and SharePoint comes in.

*Life Admin = Managing your personal household administration requirements (bills and alike).

Let’s start simply – Office 365 gives you the online licence to the Microsoft Office Suite which we all need to run our businesses day-to-day. . . word, excel, outlook etc. Then we need to store our documents somewhere but not only do we need to store them, we need to share them with others (clients, team members, partners) and access them from various locations. The best way to do that is via SharePoint. This obviously becomes more prevalent if you have a geographically dispersed team.

If you already have O365 for your business, this little video shows you how to access SharePoint:



You can build your own Wiki Pages: 

Build your own Wiki pages

……your own ‘Process Register’ and more!

Create your own registration process

There is absolutely no need to wing it anymore with all of the tools and resources that are accessible to us and something like SharePoint can grow with you and your business. You can continue to build and add to it as needed and you can run a successful, quality virtual business from anywhere! Now people might think that this doesn’t apply to them if their line of work requires a storefront / office …not true. What this system and virtual work environment does for you is to allow to you manage the operations of your business from any location so you can get-on with things without having to just head-in to the office to get the paperwork done.

 This isn’t industry specific either, which is fantastic. It is also important to note that this most certainly doesn’t stop with SharePoint. O365 are releasing amazing new functionality all of the time but some of the existing items are:

–          OneNote  (Taking notes via typing and free drawing with your stylus)

–          Yammer   (Social collaboration)

–          Delve        (Document rollup / preview based on most recently and frequently used)

–          Planner    (Project and Task Management)

If you think that building a fun, interactive and engaging environment for you and/or your team – ready to propel you into that bigger and better phase.


Office 365 Action Checklist

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Mia McIntyre

Mia McIntyre is the sole Founder of MiVirtual, specialising in assisting SME’s adopt virtual/CLOUD based tools including Office365, on-shore Virtual Assistantss and Executive Virtual Assistants. Mia’s main goal is to see people smile and the way she can help contribute to ensuring people are happy is to help them adapt and innovate through these ever-changing times and increasingly versatile work environments.



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