Skype for Business: Quick Start Webinar

Are you looking for effective communication methods within your business? If you haven't used Skype for Business before, you might not know how well it integrates with Office 365 as a communication solution for your team, connecting them together from any location. If you're already using Skype for Business, check out the webinar below to see how you can make the most of its great features.

In this webinar, Ben shares his experience and suggests different uses that can be implemented into any team communication practices. Annie has put together an awesome visual map of the notes so you can follow along with the webinar.




Skype for Business:

If you have Office 365, it's more than likely that your subscription includes Skype for Business and (the best part is) you can use the same login.

If you're familiar with Skype, you'll know the basics include instant messaging, voice call and video call. Skype for Business goes beyond these features and allows you to:

  • categorise your contact list
  • co-author documents
  • share your desktop screen
  • share particular files or presentations
  • and do all of this in individual or group chat rooms.


Create Skype Meeting invitations in Outlook.

Easy integration with Outlook lets you jump directly into a Skype Meeting from your Outlook Calendar invitation. If one of your attendees doesn't have Skype for Business, it will take them to a web based version so they don't miss out.

As it is now, you can only set up a Skype Meeting in your own calendar, not in other calendars that have been shared with you. This is a feature that may change in future updates.

Create a Skype Meeting

Join a Skype Meeting


Use features to engage a large group:

Use whiteboard, polls and Q&A features to help energise and engage your group discussions.

Engage Participants


Your questions answered:

Q: How many can participate in a S4B meeting?

A: Across all Office 365 options, you are allowed 250 participants.

Q: How many can simultaneously co-author a doc?

A: Default 10, Max 99. You may find that if you have more than 10 users co-authoring a document at the same time the user experience will degrade gradually.

Q: Is S4B call conferencing available?

A: Yes with the E5 plan or as a paid addition to the E3 plan.


By now you should be ready to collaborate with your team. Remember, you can use Skype anywhere that has a good internet connection (SFB is a bit bandwith hungry!), so stay in the office and chat with your team while they're onsite.

Ready to put your new found knowledge into practice? Follow this link to download Skype for Business.



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