Tips for creating a secure and memorable password

8 Tips for Creating a Secure and Memorable Password

Remembering your password can be difficult at the best of times. To add to that, most websites these days require password security so they can store your personal information and keep it secure. So you have all these passwords for countless different website and it can begin to be difficult to remember them all.

To help you create memorable (and secure) passwords we’ve put a lists of tips you can use:

    1. Base your password around a personal goal and add the date by which you want to reach that goal, e.g.: Europe2019
    2. Make up a visual password by following a pattern on your keyboard, e.g.: cvghyu89
    3. Combine three random words, e.g.: TreeLibrarySound
    4. Include words from a different language. e.g.: VeniVidiVici (I came, I saw, I conquered in latin).
    5. Revere a word or phrase, e.g.: esarhp
    6. Try referencing an unsual word, phrase or quote from your favourite book or movie, e.g.: “May the Force be with you”.
    7. Use the first letter from each word in a quote or saying, e.g.: MtFbwy
    8. Use a phrase that includes punctuation, e.g.: WhySoSerious?

To add another layer of security for all above instances, why not replace some letters with numbers or symbols, e.g.: 8=B, @=a,$=s, 1=!, 3=E. Or use capitals for the words that normally require capitalisation.

Most passwords requirements are between 6-8 characters, if you've chosen a quote that's a little short, try adding a random number or symbol to increase your password length.

However, avoid using the simple number patterns such as "1234" or your birth date. Find something that holds meaning to you. For example, the first Star Wars movie was released 25th May 1977, so my password would look like this: MtFbwy25577

So, the next time you lock yourself out, why not try one of these examples to make sure you never forget it again. And if you haven't changed your passwords in a while, maybe it's time for a refresh to keep it all secure and safe.

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