Microsoft Bookings for Small Business

Small businesses are getting Microsoft Office 365 feature just for them - a full-service system for scheduling appointments for their services over the internet.

Microsoft Bookings is a new service that allows businesses to create a business page on the app with scheduling features, so customers can book appointments online.

Customers will be able to use the app to look up price lists and then schedule a time for an appointment with their selected staff member. Bookings then emails a confirmation to the customer, including a calendar invitation for a reminder.

For businesses used to running the same process through a series of emails, phone calls, or text messages, it will put that time to better use. It works for businesses such as beauty salons, dental offices, law firms, financial services providers, and mechanics.
microsoft bookingsOn the back end, business owners are able to see a calendar of scheduled appointments of each team member that they manage.

Microsoft Bookings has been rolling out its first release to customers in Canada and the US who subscribe to Office 365 Business Premium Plan. They're planning to roll out all Business Premium customers worldwide in the coming months.

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