6 apps for a better 2017

Welcome back to another year of nerdy fun here at Grassroots IT - let's kick off the year with some goal setting!

A new year is a fresh start to learn something and to get better at the things we may not be so good at. Often the trouble is sticking to them.

Apps are the new norm and there are thousands of them out there that help us track our day-to-day goals. Here;s a compiled list of  6 apps for a better 2017.


Get help being organised

Gluru (Android)
Trying to get more done with a to-do list? Why not let AI technology create your list for you? Gluru uses AI technology to dig into your email and productivity apps and create tasks for you. It predicts what you will need to get done next. While this technology is in the early stages, it worth giving it a try!


Tackle that booklist

Bookout (iOS)
If you're like me and you love books but you struggle to find time to tick off your reading list for the year. Bookout will help you to set these goals for how many books (or how much time you want to spend reading) and will track your progress throughout the year.


Learn to code

Lrn (iOS)
Have an interest in learning to code? One of many learn-to-code apps, Lrn breaks up its lessons (HTML, JavaScript and other languages) into small quizzes to get you learning the basics. While you might not be an expert programmer by 2018, you'll learn to have an understanding of coding and will definitely be on your way to becoming a programmer!


Discover new podcasts

Pocket Casts (Android/iOS)
We love our podcasts around here and we even have our own, but sometimes it's fun to mix it up and listen to something new. Pocket Casts is one of the best ways to discover new podcasts from around the world. Great for making better use of your commuting or travel time. Just download them at home for offline listening.


Learn the language of your dreams

Memrise (Android/iOS)
Avoid those expensive language classes and get learning yourself! Memrise has a range of languages and teaches you the language in a part game/part story process. This would be great if you're going to another country and would love to learn the basics. To go pro, an optional monthly subscription provides more features and an offline mode.


Get better cyber security

1Password (Android/iOS)
Forever forgetting your passwords? You and me both. 2016 saw many cyber security attacks, so one of your New Year resolutions might be to be more creative with your passwords and improve your online security. 1Password generates strong, secure passwords and stores them securely. Access your library of passwords with one single password (hence the name).


Happy goal setting!


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When not looking at ways to use technology to create a competitive advantage for his clients and build better businesses, Ben is a husband, busy father of boys, avid gardener, and keen runner and cyclist.

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