Configuring your Office 365 email on your Android device

Follow these simple instructions to get your Office 365 email account up and running on your Android mobile device.

1.Under “Settings” choose “Accounts & Sync.”


2. Touch the “+” to add an account.



3. On the “Add an Account” page, select “Exchange ActiveSync.”



4. On the “Set up Exchange ActiveSync account” page, enter your email address and password, and select “Manual Setup.”

5. On the full set up page, please enter the following information:

  • Email: (your email)
  • Server Address:
  • Domain: [blank]
  • Username: Enter your Email
  • Password: your password (if it didn’t carry over from the previous screen)


6. When creating a Microsoft Exchange Account on your Android, the Autodiscovery service attempts to use your Exchange email address and password to determine your Exchange Server information and configure your account settings on the phone. If the Autodiscovery feature is unable to configure your Exchange account settings, click Trust on the message “Unable to verify this site’s security certificate” that is displayed on the device similar to this:



  1. Android supports the synchronization of Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks. By default they are all enabled. You have the ability to selectively disable or enable any of these features by unchecking those options. You can also set at this point how often you wish to sync. Select “Next” to finish.







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