Backing up Office 365 with Backupify

More and more companies are relying on Office 365 to get their business done, but all that cloud data is followed by risks you may not be aware of. What if a file is accidentally deleted or overwritten? Do you have a plan for when employees leave the company? How do you ensure their files and information stays within the company? Enter Datto Backupify.

Datto Backupify fills a gap in the Office 365 offering by backing up the data within user mailboxes, OneDrive & the company SharePoint sites. It ensures that companies can access and control the data they entrust to these systems and prevents data loss from external threats, user and service error.

If you're currently using (or looking to migrate to) Office 365, you should know that Office 365 doesn't back anything up long-term. If you delete something, after a 30 day period it is gone forever, unless you use a third party tool like Backupify.

Backupify lets you restore individual files/emails to entire SharePoint libraries and mailboxes as well as an external download so you can actually download your data to your computer/server. This is a function that a lot of other products can’t do, instead they can only restore back into Office 365.

    • Manage backups, view restores, and see an activity feed from an easy-to-use dashboard
    • Zero in on files, emails, contacts, and calendar invites with robust search parameters
    • Restore files, emails and calendar invites directly to a user's account or download them instantly to your own computer


It's also inexpensive, 1-24 staff is $75ex/month for the client and they get three backups a day. For more information about Datto Backupify contact us on


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