Microsoft unveils their Slack & HipChat killer – Microsoft Teams

Last week Microsoft announced the latest addition to the formidable Office 365 family – Microsoft Teams. Teams is squarely targeting the success of other chat-based collaboration tools such as the extremely well-funded Slack (which Microsoft almost bought not that long ago) and Australian’s own Atlassian’s HipChat.



We’ve long been fans of HipChat here at Grassroots IT. In fact with staff spread across offices in Brisbane, Auckland and the Philippines it’s hard to imagine how we’d communicate effectively without it. We also have numerous clients who have deeply integrated either HipChat or Slack into their own businesses.


Interesting side note – why did we choose HipChat over Slack? Well we were already using Atlassian’s Confluence app for our documentation, so HipChat was an easy add-on. Would we make the same decision today? Honestly if we weren’t going to use Microsoft Teams, we would probably toss a coin. Both Slack and HipChat are awesome apps.


So the big question – Will Grassroots IT be swapping over from HipChat to Microsoft Teams? I can say with certainty that we will be trialing it. I can also confidently say that we will have a number of clients who will very quickly see the value in team chat, especially now that it’s included in their Office 365 subscription at no extra cost.

One of the big promised advantages of Microsoft Teams is deep integration with other elements of the Office 365 family, such as Skype for Business and Outlook, both of which we use a lot. Could this be enough to sway us away from HipChat at The Garden Shed? Watch this space as we spend some time with the new kid on the team-chat block.


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