Our Reusable Coffee Cup Revolution


For a while, every time I ordered a takeaway coffee in a disposable coffee cup, I heard that little voice in my head questioning just how sustainable that practise is if SO many people in the world are ordering takeaway coffees each day like I am.

Then I read this article by Alexx Stuart, and the voice got a little louder. So many truths.

And when I came into our office one day and realised just how many takeaway coffees were being consumed by all of our team members each and every day, I realised that something needed to change. I needed to change.

We made a decision to make a change in the office too and buy everyone a KeepCup. With this great Group Order function on the KeepCup website, each of our team members was able to log on and choose the cup that suited them best and then Grassroots IT covered the bill. There are so many awesome cups of various colours and sizes to choose from. Once everyone had made an order, all the cups were shipped to our office and distributed.



I am a bit in love with mine.

But, as they say at KeepCup Reuse HQ, a reuseable cup is only useful if you USE it, so I knew that as well as having a fancy new cup, I needed a shift in mindset.

We had been given a few promotional KeepCups from organisations over the years, so I decided to start using all three of the KeepCups on rotation. As a Mum, I am often in the car doing drop-offs and pickups, so I keep one clean KeepCup in the car all the time so that my cup is ready for coffee whenever I am. If I forget it, I now (usually) drive home and pick it up before buying a coffee.

The team at Grassroots IT seem to be getting great use out of theirs too. 50% of our team members say they use their KeepCup every time they buy a takeaway coffee now, which is a great start.

And what do our team members think of their KeepCups?

Love it! Thinking about getting one for home as well as the one for work. – Bronte

Have you joined the reusable coffee cup revolution yet?

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Annie has worn many hats over her career, from being a Systems Administrator at Servcorp, to working in advertising for Vogue magazines and managing conferences on Hayman Island. These days, as well as being the Mum of three gorgeous boys, Annie takes care of the marketing at Grassroots IT. She has a passion for creativity, and loves to read, paint and spend time with her family and friends.

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