NBN drives Small Business productivity

As the long awaited NBN (National Broadband Network) continues to be rolled out across Australia, small businesses are already realising the benefits high speed internet connectivity can bring.

A study by the University of Melbourne showed that SMBs are set to contribute an additional $4 billion to Australia’s GDP after the NBN rollout is complete, linking business success with the adoption of new digital services.

A recently Telstra survey revealed more interesting statistics from small businesses already connected to the NBN:

  • 41% reported improved productivity
  • 15% reported decrease in business costs (regional experience slightly higher at 19%)
  • 5% cited increased revenue as a result of the faster broadband connectivity


What we really like to hear is that SMBs are making the most of the new infrastructure, using the NBN as an opportunity to capture greater productivity through technology. Following the switch to the NBN:



Steven Peck, Director of NBN Business at Telstra says that to maximise the benefits of the network, SMBs are encouraged to invest and upgrade their technology.

The increased instant asset threshold allows small businesses to claim an immediate deduction for assets that cost less than $20,000 excluding GST, and assets covered under this legislation are technologies including hardware (computers, tablets and mobile devices) and software purchased for business use.

So what do you get when you combine small businesses and a really fast National Broadband Network? Increased productivity. Increased adoption of digital services. Increased revenue for the small business market.


For more information on the NBN go to www.nbnco.com.au.


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