SharePoint document libraries get a facelift

The uptake of Microsoft SharePoint by Australian small businesses is increasing, driven in part by the rapid move towards Office 365, which effectively includes SharePoint at no extra cost. Many businesses are discovering the benefits of SharePoint for a range of uses ranging from simple shared calendars to full blown document management systems.

Document Libraries, which form a core component of SharePoint, are finally due to receive a long-overdue update, bringing the user experience up to date with modern expectations. Not only is the visual design changing to a far more appealing and modern look, but new features are being introduced such as file linking, and far easier file move/copy functionality.

Microsoft SharePoint has long provided exceptional functionality, but I’ll be the first to admit that the dated user interface could often be a barrier to user adoption. If it’s been a while since you last looked at how SharePoint could benefit your business, I encourage you to have a look at how far the product has come.

For a more detailed run down on the new Modern Document Libraries you can visit the Office Blogs.


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