Building your offshore team with Beepo

Welcome to Building your offshore team with Beepo! Outsourcing and offshoring is a global phenomena and the resourcing market is changing. The Internet and Cloud are enabling businesses access to the World's best talent. We were joined by Aimee Engelmann, CEO of Beepo, to share her insights of the outsourcing and offshoring market.


Why is the Philippines #1 for outsourcing and offshoring?

  • English is the primary language
  • Half a million University graduates a year
  • Cultural fit
  • Accent more palatable
  • Time Zone 7am start for 9am AEST




Hiring offshore talent


    • Ability to hire specifically for your needs, match a staff member 100% to your business
    • Skills test staff using your business scenarios to find a stand out performer
    • Management of all Human Resources aspects and day-to-day supervision is done for you
    • Work from office mode, secure, and you can protect your IP
    • Facilities, professional office, high speed internet connectivity, direct dial phones, training
    • Less staff turnover, reliable, and highly scalable




Types of Roles


      • Customer Service Consultants - phone, email, chat
      • Graphic Design, Animation, Web developers
      • Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing
      • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Marketing (SEM)
      • Data mining, database management
      • Software and App development
      • Bookkeeping, Accounting, AP, AR, payroll
      • AutoCAD Drafting, Building Estimators
      • Back of house processing
      • Executive assistant
      • Outbound agents – telesales and appointment setting




Why is this so important?


      • Fleet Scheduling
      • Level 1 Maintenance
      • Accounts Reconciliation
      • Fines, Tolls processing
      • Sales and Reservations
      • Content Development






      • Dip their toe in the water with administration support roles
      • Moved into product design – CAD Drawing
      • Main competition on high volume products was from China
      • Opened a Manufacturing facility in Clark, Philippines to support their Australian business
      • No decline in Australian staff




Professional Services


  • Struggling with inaccurate bookkeeping and the expense of tidy up as an Accountancy Firm.
  • Discovered offshore talent and launched a Bookkeeping company.
  • Staffed and Marketed 100% by Offshore talent.
  • Profitable and viable business as stand alone. Solved a major pain point in the Accounting Firm.




The 5 common paths to outsourcing failure


  • Superhero - don't try to find someone with a wide variety of skills. Apply the same logic of hiring someone to what you would do if you were hiring in Australia.
  • It's true because it's in the resume - test skills before hiring.
  • Yes=? - the soft yes. Avoid asking questions that require a yes or no answer. Rephrase your questions so you can get the right answer you're looking for.
  • No feedback - make sure the feedback is communicated in a speedy manner.
  • The time poor entrepreneur - dedicate time to communicate with your offshore team regularly.


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