5 Steps to an Awesome Workplace Culture

Organisational culture is just like everything else. It will constantly change over time.

So what does this mean for your business? How we can preserve things that are great about our business?

Grassroots IT has recently recruited the help of wattsnext HR to help make the our team great and we want to share these secrets with you!




5 Steps to an Awesome Workplace Culture from Grassroots IT on Vimeo.


Step 1: Get your story straight


vision (1)




Where do you want to go? What do you want to be?

  Autumn (1)




Why does this business exist?

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What are the guiding behaviours that will make it happen?


Integrity: We get it done with no ego and no excuses

Courage: We work on the skinny branches

Honesty: We have confidence to tell it as it is

Innovation: We let our creative juices flow

Passion: We are always passionate and in tough times we fight


Step 2: Connect the dots


How can we make sure that the story of your business becomes a day-to-day reality?


Role Clarity

  • What are the three big rocls of each role?
  • What outcomes do we require?
  • What does this role look like when it is being done exceptionally?


Structural Clarity

  • Is the structure funcational?
  • Has it been built in response to functions or people?


Communication Lines

  • Are the same questions going to different people?


Decision Making Parameters

  • Can we remove all the grey areas?
  • How can we empower people?


Step 3: Alignment with your "humans"


We're dealing with actual, real-life people here!

Find the right humans - how are you going to source them?

  • Proper onboarding and reboarding.
  • Keep them informed and accountable.
  • Help them work together and make it enjoyable.
  • Development. Development. Development.


sir richard branson


Step 4: Sell the benefits of leadership


tom peters


Leadership is a mindset and a skill set.

It is not a title on a business card.

People don't want managers, they want leaders.


Step 5: Grab your crystal ball


The future of work is here - embrace it!

Seriously, things are about to get really different.

There's a healthy competitive advantage waiting for anyone who wants to move now.

Google "millennials" - don't end up as someone who doesn't get it.




About wattsnext


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  • Operating nationwide and abroad working with SMEs
  • Performance/HR Management/Compliance/Recruitment Strategy
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