Cloud File Storage and Collaboration with Soonr

Before we moved our files over to a cloud file storage system we were struggling keeping our shared files organised. We were constantly emailing documents back and forth with external clients and partners. Working remotely and collaborating was always difficult.

We kept thinking, "there has to be an easier way!"

Well thankfully, there is. Watch our webinar below to learn more about Soonr, the cloud based file storage and collaboration platform that has transformed the way we work here at Grassroots IT.



What does a good cloud file storage service look like?


Mobile Productivity:

  • Access & work on the files you need at any time from anywhere.
  • Online & Offline Access and Network files
  • Office-based and remote team members can collaborate as if in the same location


Ability to securely SHARE information with anyone:

  • Easy and secure sharing of files with internal & external parties
  • Branding & No Tool Adoption
  • Encryption of files


Security & Control:

  • Controlled access for content, users and devices
  • Version Control & File Retention: Access to the most current file version – no more confusion
  • Server support


File sharing has had a significant changes on the mobility of business.


File Sharing / Collaboration Challenges:

  • Keeping everyone up to date
  • Sharing large files
  • Working on the go
  • Accessing files anytime
  • Organising files
  • Securing corporate data


Impact of File Sharing Challenges:

  • Significant impact on the business and productivity
  • Client facing employees & Executives
  • Workers who all interact with a large number of external partners, customers and teams


Approved File Sharing  Systems:

  • 78% didn't have an approved file sharing system


Key functions of Soonr:


Company File Service / Hybrid Environment:

  • Company file repository in the cloud with mobile access



  • Secure sharing with clients, partners and suppliers


Dropbox for Business Replacement:

  • Secure email alternative when dealing with large files


Mobile Workers:

  • Mobile office productivity, integrated editing, annotation, fax, etc. in one app


Soonr gives your company full control over:



  • Backups – allowed / not allowed
  • Password Policies
  • Session Policies
  • Online Editing Policies
  • Device Policies
  • Mobile Device Policies
  • IP address whitelisting



  • Branding
  • AD Integration
  • Single-Sign On


Disable Data & Data Wipes:

  • Remove Team members; re-assign projects and wipe data


cloud file storage


Try Soonr for yourself:

  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Email to request your free trial
  • Utilise Grassroots IT services to set up Soonr as your Cloud File Server replacement


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