Microsoft finally increases SharePoint Online storage to 1TB

Fantastic news for those using SharePoint Online and Office 365 Video as part of their Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Microsoft has finally increased the default starting Team Site pooled storage from 10GB to 1TB.


From the announcement on the Office Blog…


The amount of content in Office 365 is growing 300 percent year over year. To meet your needs for more storage, we’re increasing default storage to 1 TB plus 0.5 GB per user to use across SharePoint Online, Office 365 Groups and Office 365 Video—up from the previous allocation of 10 GB. This is in addition to the unique default per-user OneDrive for Business storage space and individual storage provided for user email inboxes. Office 365 customers on our premium Enterprise, Government and Education plans will receive OneDrive for Business unlimited storage…”


In our opinion the old small 10GB storage quota was madness, and made absolutely no sense given where Microsoft is targeting these solutions. The upgrade from the limited 10GB to 1TB is going to make a huge difference for businesses moving to Office 365, especially for those embracing Office 365 Video (a corporate alternative to YouTube). This should eliminate any reservations businesses may have had moving towards Office 365.


Read the full announcement on the Microsoft Office Blog.

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