Meeting the Crew

It finally happened. Oh yes, we met Justice Crew.


From the moment we shared the exciting news with Sam that we would be meeting Justice Crew at the Arnott's Family Fun Day, we spent a few weeks listening to JC songs on repeat and watching loads of video clips. I’m pretty sure even Nicholas knew the words to their songs off by heart by the big day!

13 September arrived and Sam was up at the crack of dawn, anxiously anticipating the big event.

Ben and Sam enjoyed a tour of the Arnott's bakery with both sets of grandparents - the first time the bakery has been open to the public in 25 years. While they were on the tour, Charlie, Nicholas and I took the opportunity to explore the venue and listen to some of the entertainment.


Our day was filled with balloons, slippery slides, face painting, jumping castles, far too many biscuits (but those Tiny Teddies looked so cute riding in TimTam cars), photos in antique Arnott’s delivery vans, music, getting up close and personal with some Australian wildlife, Cold Rock ice-cream… and then the big moment arrived. At 1.15pm, our little family was greeted by security guards and ushered through to the ‘green room’ to meet Justice Crew.

The JC boys were warm and welcoming, despite all of us being a little starstruck and finding it hard to get any words out. We chatted as photos were taken by the official photographer, then watched the crew practice a few dance moves and record a special message for Arnott’s 150th birthday. All the members of the band signed a CD for Sam, which he proceeded to hold onto for dear life.

Soon after a puppet show and dance party with our friends Kylie and Deano from Camp Quality, we were at the side of the stage, rocking out to the music and watching Justice Crew perform their amazing dance moves. There were lots of squealing tweens dancing at the front of the stage. I had a moment of pride when JC added “and a big thanks to Sam and the Love family” into one of their songs, and I watched the big smiles on Sam and Charlie’s faces as we danced along together to the familiar tunes.



Some of our nearest and dearest friends and family members came along to be part of the day, and we were so thankful that they were there to share it with us. We are also grateful to the team at Arnott’s and Camp Quality who made the day happen, and especially to the State Manager of CQ, Theresa Scanlan, who went out of her way to make us feel such a special part of the proceedings. At the conclusion of the event, we heard that Arnott’s had raised over $40,000 for Camp Quality through the Family Fun Day.

It was a good day. An exhausting but wonderful, momentous, heart-filling day.


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