Tim Tams, Justice Crew, and learning to love rollercoasters

August 08, 2015

Nearly two years ago now our eldest son Sam was diagnosed with Leukaemia. It’s been a hell of a ride since then, learning to live the rollercoaster ride of life that is our “new normal”. Sam has another year or so of treatment left, but has responded extremely well and has been in remission for a long time now.

Late last year Annie and I were fortunate enough to attend a gala charity dinner hosted by Peter Baines and his charity, Hands Across the Water. It was an incredible event, but one that I found personally very challenging, as we were shown into the lives of the at-risk Thai children that Peter and his team work tirelessly to support. Having our own at-risk child to support made the stories we heard that night so much more real.

We walked away from that event not only needing a cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down, but having purchased at charity auction an exclusive performance by the chart topping pop group Justice Crew. Not only is Sam a big fan, but we knew this was an opportunity that had so much more to offer.

Since Sam’s diagnosis we have been surrounded and supported by many amazingly talented and giving people and organisations, including children’s charity Camp Quality. The team at Camp Quality has provided fun, distraction, important education regarding Cancer and connection with other families, not only for us and our family but for the communities around us.

In addition to their frequent hospital fun visits, kid’s mini-camps and family weekend escapes, without prompting they have organised visits to our schools and kindies to help those around us understand more about cancer, and perhaps a little about what was happening in our family, through the use of fun and educational puppet shows.

It wasn’t a big leap to see that Justice Crew and Camp Quality were a match made in heaven. Although we could have had our own back yard BBQ with a live Justice Crew performance, we knew that Camp Quality would be able to do so much more with this opportunity.

We started discussions with the Camp Quality team, Justice Crew, and ultimately one of Camp Quality’s major supporters The Arnott’s Foundation, as to how best make the most of this opportunity for Camp Quality and the families they support.

The result is bigger than anything we could have imagined. In conjunction with Arnott’s celebrating their 150th birthday, a massive Family Fun Day is planned for Brisbane on Sunday the 13th of September, featuring a live performance by Justice Crew and hosted by Catriona Rowntree.

I couldn’t be more proud of everyone who has worked so hard to make this event happen, and would encourage you to come along for what’s lining up to be an awesome day. There will be rides and activities for the kids, bakery tours, and of course Justice Crew!

Tickets are very affordable, so head over to the Camp Quality website to learn more, and purchase tickets now.

Look forward to seeing you there,


P.S. Oh right, you want to know about the Tim Tams! To celebrate this event we’re giving away $150 worth of Tim Tams! That’s a lot of Tim Tams! Seriously, they’re sitting here next to my desk and it’s all I can do to keep the rest of the team away from them. For your chance to win more chocolate than can possibly be good for you, head on over to our website now!


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