Office 365 via Telstra T-Suite mailboxes changing name by themselves

ConfusedOver the past few days we have noticed that clients who purchased their Microsoft Office 365 services through Telstra T-Suite have had one or more of their Exchange Online mailboxes change its name all by itself (but not the associated email address) to match another mailbox e.g. John Smith becoming Michael Johns at random. What this means is that you end up with two separate mailboxes, with unique email addresses, but the same display name.

This is easily fixed by your Office 365 Administrator. They just need to hop into your Office 365 Portal and change the name back (allow a few hours for that to kick in). However, we have noticed that even after changing it and confirming all is well a few hours later, overnight it has happened again.

After speaking to Telstra support, they have confirmed that this is an ongoing problem on the Microsoft end and it is being worked on as quickly as possible. This may coincide with some other problems Office 365 seems to be having right now such as the Portal being slow, Outlook not connecting, Emails not sending etc.

Looks like the guys over at Microsoft are having a bad week!


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