How to Shorten and Rename a Synchronised Document Library Folder in OneDrive for Business

 How to shorten and rename a synchronised document library folder in OneDrive for Business

If you use OneDrive for Business on your computer to sync with SharePoint document libraries, you may have come across the situation where the folder name that appears in OneDrive for Business has been truncated, perhaps so much so that you can’t tell which document library it actually is.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

Sample screenshot of a truncated folder name


The problem here is that there is a hard limit of 35 characters for that folder name, so by the time OneDrive for Business has used my SharePoint site name (in this case “My Really Long SharePoint Site Name”) and then the name of the actual document library (in this case “Documents”) you can see that we simply don’t have enough room to fit everything.

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How to shorten and rename a synced Document Library Folder in OneDrive for Business

The easiest way of fixing this is to rename your SharePoint site to something shorter, and then re-sync the document library to OneDrive for Business.

To do this, in your SharePoint site, click on the little ‘cog’ icon at top right and select “Site Settings”. Then, under the ‘Look and Feel’ heading click on “Title, description, and logo”. You can then change the “Title” to something shorter. In my case I change from “My Really Long SharePoint Site Name” to “Long Name”.


How to shorten and rename a synced Document Library Folder in OneDrive for Business


Now unfortunately that change doesn’t automatically sync down to OneDrive for Business, so what you will now need to do is to un-sync that folder from OneDrive for Business, and then re-sync it.

To do this, right-click on the OneDrive for Business icon (It’s a little blue cloud) down in the system tray (usually bottom-right of your screen beside the clock) and select “Stop syncing a folder…”. Then simply select the document library folder in question, and click on the “Stop syncing’ button.


Srop syncing a folder


This will stop the folder from syncing, but it won’t actually delete the local copy of the folder from your computer, but you can now do that just the same way you would normally delete a folder. You can tell that the folder is no longer syncing because its icon has changed back to a normal folder icon.


Icon changes to a normal folder icon


Once all that’s done, simply re-sync the SharePoint document library to OneDrive for business by clicking on the ‘Sync’ button in the document library in the SharePoint website. You will now notice that with the shorter SharePoint Site name, you can see more of the actual document library name.


Now you can see the actual document library name


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