Newsflash: Facebook Crashes, World Keeps Turning

You may not have noticed, but Facebook suffered a brief outage this week that left some people questioning life as we know it. Facebook may not play a large part in your business, but for a lot of internet marketers and cat lovers Facebook is a non-negotiable part of daily life.

More importantly though, Facebook is a cloud service, just like other cloud services that probably do have more relevance to your business, such as Microsoft Office 365, Google or Xero. The Facebook outage may not have registered for you, but how would you (or, more likely, will you?) react when your cloud accounting system is offline for half a day? Or your email breaks for a couple of hours?

The large cloud players are spending more zeroes on their platforms to make them stable than you or I will ever see in a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be disruptions. There have been in the past, and there will be in the future.

The point is to recognise this fact, and not think that the world is coming to an end when it happens. Just like before the cloud, you need to plan for Business Continuity in the event that a key system suffers a failure. Nothing has changed in that regard.

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When not looking at ways to use technology to create a competitive advantage for his clients, Ben is a busy father of three boys, avid gardener, and keen runner.


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When not looking at ways to use technology to create a competitive advantage for his clients and build better businesses, Ben is a husband, busy father of boys, avid gardener, and keen runner and cyclist.

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