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A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for our webinar on an Introduction to Xero. A big thank you to Jac Gallagher who shared her knowledge with us about all things Xero.

Please find Jac’s slides and the webinar recording below for your information. You will also find below, the Questions and Answers from the Webinar which we hope you will find very valuable.





Questions and Answers:
Where is the data being held and can it be retrieved?
Xero's servers are hosted in the US by world class managed hosting provider Rackspace.
Rackspace provide tier 4 enterprise grade hosting with 100% network availability through state-of-the-art data centres. The US locations are Chicago, Illinois and Dallas, Texas. For additional information on Xero security please click here

What if I want to leave Xero – can my data be extracted?
Yes, data can be downloaded from Xero. For information on file formats and what can be extracted click here.

Can data be restored to a previous version?
Backups are done by Xero themselves but this data is not available for individual organisations to undo/reverse data changes performed by the user. There would be a huge amount of system complexity involved to allow individuals to selectively roll back data to a particular day. Transactions and user functionality within Xero can easily be reversed, e.g. you can copy voided invoices or you can restore deleted imported bank statement lines. Therefore, there should be little need to restore from backup.

Vend – is it capable of doing multiple locations?
Yes, the larger versions of vend support multiple locations.

Are all banks supported with the bank feeds?
Most banks are supported in bank feeds. For the list of Australian partner banks please click here. The other way Xero connects the bank feeds is via Yodlee feeds for non-partner banks. To read about these please click here. In my personal experience with over 100 customers on Xero there are approximately four accounts I can’t get to feed into Xero which are loan accounts and a not for profit account.

What payment services are available?
Payment services which connect to Xero are growing all the time. For a current list please click here.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call us or Jac directly:

Get in touch with Jac:
Twitter: @NotchAboveBAS


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