Excel Surveys in SharePoint

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In this lesson you will learn how to use Excel Surveys within SharePoint.


Hi, I'm Ben. Welcome to this Microsoft Office 365 Quick Start tutorial on SharePoint and specifically on SharePoint with Excel surveys.

Now, this is an interesting topic. I was having trouble deciding whether or not to consider this a basic topic or more advanced topic, but I've got to say the process is pretty straightforward and it's a super useful little trick that I think a lot of people will get some value from.

Let's get started shall we. As you can see, I'm logged in to my SharePoint team site. If you recall getting access to your SharePoint team site, it's fairly easy. In my case, I opened my web browser of choice and then the address bar at the top, I type in, grassrootsit.sharepoint.com.

Your internet address for that will be a little bit different for your organization, but generally it follows the same format. Organizationname.sharepoint.com. If prompted, enter a username and password to access your team site.

Within our team site here, you now need to go into a document library. These are my document libraries in this particular site. Yours might be in a different location. It doesn't matter where you go, it depends where you want to save this survey.

I'm in a document library, so I'm going to click on the new button and then I'm going to select this option here which says Excel survey. I'm going to give Excel survey a name. I'm going to call mine lunch orders. Click on okay.

What happens now is that Excel online opens up and brings you straight into a special screen where you can edit and design your survey. If you've ever used any tools such as SurveyMonkey, you'll be very familiar with this process. If not, stay with us, it is very easy.

As you can see, we need to enter a title for a survey. I'm going to call mine lunch orders. You can enter a description or a little sub annotation for your survey. I'm going to type in here, "Hi guys! Please let me know what you would like for lunch today."

Then I'm going to click on this next box where it says enter your first question. As you can see, as soon as I clicked on that box, another little window popped up where I can enter some details to go into this first question.

I'm going to type my question here and I'm going to call it lunch type. I'm going to leave my question subtitle empty and come down to the next field which is response type. There's a range of different response types here. They're all fairly self-explanatory, but if you need to, just test them out. It's very easy to change.

I'm specifically going to choose choice. I'm going to make this a required field by ticking the box and this is where I define what choices people can select from. I'm going to say you have a choice of Indian, pizza or a kebab. I'm going to leave my default answer field blank because I don't want to predispose anybody to selection. Now, I'm going to click on done.

As you can see, that has got my first question typed there. I’m going to add a second question type here. This one is going to be just open-ended question which is any special requirements. Question subtitle again, I'm going to leave blank and my response time this time, I'm going to make this one paragraph text.

This is just like text but paragraph text just gives you a bigger field to type more stuff into. This one here is not required. This is an optional field and my default answer I'm going to leave blank as well. Click on done. Essentially that is my survey done. What's going to happen now?

What I can do now is I can share this survey with people so that they can fill it out. I can save and view or close. What I'm going to do first of all is click on share survey. What that's going to do, it's going to save the survey there. It's going to do a little bit of magic with your SharePoint permissions and so on.

Importantly, it's going to give me this big long link. What I'm going to do with that is I'm going to copy that and what you can do with that link is you make that link available to people who you would like to complete this survey. You can email it to them. It's probably the most efficient way of doing things.

What I'm going to do now is I'm going to open up a new web browser window and I'm going to drag this in to our video and I'm going to paste that link straight in there so that you can see what other people will see when they complete your survey.

Here we go. It's a single screen with your questions. "Hi guys. Please let me know what you would like for lunch today." I'm just going to adjust the size. Today, I'd like Indian and special requirements, I'm going to say, "Gluten-free please. Thanks."

Now, this is the fun bit. Because the original Excel we're using there is Excel online, that means that any changes that are saved to that document, we will see in pretty much real time. This is fun. When someone completes your survey, they click on the submit button and that submitted that response.

What happened? The response appeared live in front of our eyes right there. There is our response. This is where you would start to gather all those responses. This is a standard Excel spreadsheet. You will save all those answers there for later date if you need to come back to them.

Using standard Excel tools like the filter here, you can also filter down on certain rows within your spreadsheet. For example if you only wanted to see those responses where they wanted Indian, this is where you do it again.

There you have it. That's a great little tool. It is very quick and easy to use. It is something that is pretty special and unique to the SharePoint online system or SharePoint I should say. I hope you get some good value out of that new tool.

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