Using the Outlook Web App in Microsoft Office 365

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In this lesson you will learn:
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  • How to access the Outlook Web App
  • How to access email, calendar and contacts


Hi. This is Tony from Grassroots IT. This is a short video on how to access your emails via a web browser in Office 365. First off, open your web browser of choice. Then go to the address bar, and type in “”. Hit “Enter”, and that will come up with the login page.

Then what we need to do is type in your email address and your password, and then click on “Sign In”. Once you logged in, this will look exactly the same as Outlook on your PC and also on your mobile device. You’ll see your folder structure down the left with all of your different subfolders you’ve already created and all of your historical data in there as well.

Now if you click on “Calendar”, you’ll see your Outlook Calendar. If you click on “People”, you will see all of the contacts in your contact list.

Now, please note that anything that you changed in Outlook Calendar or People will update on your other devices. If you read an email and replied to, that email will show up as read and replied to in Outlook on your PC, or mail on your iPhone or your Android, whatever you use.

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