[Video] Sharepoint and Document Libraries in Microsoft Office 365

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In this lesson you will learn:

  • What is Sharepoint used for.
  • What is a Document Library
  • How to create new files and folders in a document library
  • How to upload existing files to a document library
  • How to work with files using Windows Explorer

Hi. I'm Ben. Welcome to this Microsoft Office 365 quick start tutorial on Sharepoint. Sharepoint is where you will store all of your files and documents. When you first get started with Sharepoint, you will find two main sections: the team site, which everyone in your organization can access, and the Onedrive site, which is unique and secure for each user. Both sections work much the same, but for now we will be talking about your team site.

To access your Sharepoint team site, open up your favorite web browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, and type in the address of your Sharepoint team site. This address will usually be your organization name followed by ".sharepoint.com." For example, my Sharepoint team site is "grassrootsit.sharepoint.com." If prompted to log in, enter your usual Office 365 e-mail address or user name and password to log in.

Files that you store in Sharepoint are stored in what's called document libraries. To create a new file or folder in a document library, simply click on the new button and select the type of object that you would like to create. Files that you store in Sharepoint are stored in document libraries. To create a new file or folder in a document library, simply click on the new button here, and then you can select the type of object that you would like to create. You can create various different types of documents such as a Word document or an Excel workbook, or you can create a new folder that you can use to help organize your documents and files within this document library.

If you would like to upload an existing document into the document library, you can click on the upload button here which will open up this dialog box here where you can browse for the document or documents you'd like to upload. Alternatively you can simply grab a document from your computer and drag and drop in onto this area here. That will also upload the document into your Sharepoint library. Note that using any of these methods, you can only upload files. You cannot drag up an entire folder full of content at this stage.

Another super useful way of working with this content is to open a document library using the traditional Windows Explorer that you'll already be familiar with. This will only work if you're using Internet Explorer as your web browser. To open up a document library using the Windows Explorer, in your Sharepoint site here, navigate up towards the top here and click on the library button. This will drop down the ribbon. On the ribbon come along here to the button that says, "Open with Explorer" and click. What this will do is it will open up that document library in a traditional Windows Explorer interface that you've already been familiar with. Within this interface here you can work as you always have. You can double-click on documents to edit them, or you can drag documents around between folders to move and copy them within the document library and within folders.

Now when you first get started, any files in the Sharepoint team site will be accessible to everyone in your organization, although permissions can be customized to suit your needs. For example, you may like to have an area for sensitive payroll-related files that only your payroll department can access. Any files in the other Sharepoint section, which, if you recall, is called the Onedrive site, will only be accessible to you, although, again, this can be customized to suit your needs.

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