[Video] Editing Documents using Microsoft Office Online and Sharepoint

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In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to open a document using Word Online
  • How to edit a document using Word Online

Hi. I'm Ben, and welcome to this Microsoft Office 365 Quickstart tutorial on working with Sharepoint documents using the Office Online applications. As part of Microsoft Office 365, you will usually have access to what is called the Microsoft Office Online applications. This gives you access to use versions of the Microsoft Office suites, such as Word and Excel purely from within a web browser, without needing the applications installed on your computer. The online versions don't have all the functionality of the full versions, however for most purposes, they do provide all of the features you would need.

The Office Online applications can be super convenient for quick edits, co-authoring, and working on your documents when using someone else's computer. To edit a document using Word Online, first of all, locate your file in your Sharepoint document library using your web browser. To do this, open your web browser of choice, I'm using Google Chrome, and enter the address of your Sharepoint site. This is usually in the format of your business name followed by dot sharepoint dot com. For example, my sharepoint site is grassrootsit.sharepoint.com. If prompted, login with your usual username and password.

Once logged onto your Sharepoint site, navigate through to find the document that you're interested in. You're going to find the document library in question here, I'm going through the one called marketing and community, into a folder in my case, this is a folder called blog, and in here we've got some documents that we can choose to work with. I'm going to click on this first document here, “5 Signs You Need A Managed Service Provider”. When you click on the document name, it will open in Word Online in a read-only mode. You can then click on the edit document menu from up the top here, and choose to either edit in Word, if you do have the full version of Microsoft Word installed on your computer, or edit in Word Online. We're going to select edit in Word Online.

Word Online will then open the document in a full, editable mode. As you can see, it looks just like the full version of Microsoft Word that you will be familiar with, but without quite as many menus and options. When working in Word Online, your changes are automatically saved. When you have finished editing, simply select file and then exit to return to your document library.

In this example, we've used Word Online to open and then edit a document. Keep in mind that Word Online is only one of the tools available. You also have access to Excel Online, and a number of the other Microsoft Office applications in an online format ready for you to use.

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