[Video] Editing Documents using Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365

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In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to open a document using Microsoft Word
  • How to create a new document using Microsoft Word
  • How to open a document using Sharepoint

Hi, I'm Ben, and welcome to this Microsoft Office 365 quick start lesson on working with documents using the Microsoft Office applications. There are a number of different ways that you can work with documents stored in your Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint site.

In this lesson we're going to be using the familiar Microsoft Office applications installed on your computer. We'll be working with Microsoft Word. The process is identical for the other applications such as Excel and PowerPoint.

One way that you can open a document stored in your Office 365 SharePoint site is through the usual open menu in Microsoft Word. First of all, open up Microsoft Word on your computer. Then click on the file menu, and then open. Click on the option for your SharePoint site, which in my case is shown here as Grassroots IT with the SharePoint icon next to it.

You may see some recently opened content areas at the top here, but for now click on your team site, which is listed down the bottom here. This will open up the familiar file open window, where you can now simply browse through the content that's stored in your SharePoint team site to find the document that you wish to work with.

I'm going to double click on “Internet Projects” and then on “Archive” to find the document that I want. Click on the open button down the bottom, and the document you selected will open in Microsoft Word for editing, just the same way as it always has. As always, don't forget to click on the save button periodically to make sure that any changes you make are saved.

If you want to create a brand new document using Microsoft Word, the process is much the same. Start by creating and editing your new document the way you usually would. I'm going to go up here to the file menu and then click on new. I'm going to choose the blank document template in this case.

Your new document will appear and you can then start editing as you normally would. When you're ready to save your document, the process is very similar to what we went through to open a document. Click on the file menu, but this time we're going to click on the save or the save as button.

Again, click on the Grassroots IT SharePoint site, although yours obviously won't be called Grassroots IT, it will have your organization name there. Then you can browse to the folder within that SharePoint team site that you want to save to. There are some of the recent folders listed above here but again, I'm going to click on the team site which is essentially the top level location within that team site area.

I'm now going to double click through and browse to the folder where I want to save my document. Make sure my title of my document is correct, and then click on the save button. What that's doing is saving that document up into your Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint team site in the particular document library and folder that you selected.

Another way to open a SharePoint document for editing is to locate the document through your web browser. As usual, open your web browser of choice. In the menu bar at the top enter in the address of your SharePoint site. In my case that address is GrassrootsIT.SharePoint.com, but of course yours would be your organization name followed by .SharePoint.com.

Navigate to the document library and the folder that your document is saved in, and locate the document that you would like to edit. Come across here and click on the three little dots. That will open up another menu. There's a lot of different options in this edit menu that we might explore later, but for now I'm going to click on the edit button.

Alternatively you can put a tick next to the document of choice in the left hand column here, and then at the top here click on this edit button there. Two different ways of opening a document saved in your SharePoint team site for editing within Microsoft Word on your computer.

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