[Video] Accessing Documents using Onedrive for Business

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In this lesson you will learn

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  • What Onedrive for Business is
  • How to use Onedrive for Business to synchronize documents to your computer
  • How to access documents using Onedrive for Business
  • How to share documents using Onedrive for Business


Hi I'm Ben and welcome to this Microsoft Office 365 quick start lesson on using OneDrive for Business. OneDrive for Business is a small piece of software that can be installed on your computer or a mobile device such as an iPad, to maintain a local synchronized copy of files that are stored in your Office 365 SharePoint Site.

This can be very useful for times when you might not have an Internet connection to access SharePoint but still need to work on your files. It's important to note that Microsoft also have a product called simply OneDrive, which although very similar, does not work with SharePoint.

Whenever you hear us talk about anything to do with OneDrive, we will always be referring to the product properly called OneDrive for Business.

In this lesson we will step you through how to configure and use OneDrive for Business on a windows computer.

By default, OneDrive for Business will maintain a local synchronized copy of all documents in your OneDrive SharePoint Site, not the SharePoint Team Site. Now if you recall, the SharePoint Team Site is the area where all of your organization will have access by default, whereas your SharePoint OneDrive site is just for you.

Now this is a very useful, but for the purpose of this quick start series we're talking about your SharePoint Team Site. Let's have a look at how to get content from your SharePoint Team Site synchronized locally using OneDrive for Business.

First of all navigate in your web browser to the document library that you would like to sync. Once there simply click on the sync button to start the process. From here it is a very straight forward process of following the prompts to complete the synchronization steps. If you don't have OneDrive for Business already installed on your computer, there is a link here that you can download and install it.

You can check the status of the synchronization process at any stage simply by looking at the OneDrive for Business icon which will be down in the system tray of your computer. Down on the bottom bar, usually beside the clock.

To work with files that are being synchronized to your computer using OneDrive for Business, all you need to do is open the familiar Windows Explorer user interface. This time instead of going into your C Drive or maybe your shared drive that you might traditionally have used, we're going to the OneDrive for Business folder.

It will place this icon up here in the favorites by default, but we can put it in other locations if you prefer. In here you will see all of the content which is actually stored in your SharePoint Site that has been synchronized down locally to your computer.

The little green tic means that the document has successfully been synchronized down. You can work with these documents just the same way you would normally work with any documents. You can double click on them to open them up. Click on the save button to save changes, and OneDrive for Business will simply take care of synchronizing all of those changes and indeed any new documents with your SharePoint Site, but also with any other computers that have OneDrive for Business installed that are configured to synchronize this same set of documents.

One last tip when working with OneDrive for Business. You can choose to right click on a document and you have a OneDrive for Business menu here. You can click to go to the browser which will take you to that location in a web browser. Perhaps you could then use the Microsoft Office online applications to edit it. You could copy the link or alternatively you could share the document if you do wish to co-author or collaborate on that document with another person.

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