Lifestyle - What is it Really?

the hectic pace of life today, we discover now, more than ever, the importance
of having a balanced lifestyle.

So... what is a balanced lifestyle and how do we get it?

We know that many "X-Generation" Australians are now rejecting the
trends of the 1980s and 1990s where life was all about having latest gadgets,
the big house, latest model car and highest paying profession.  This generation has turned "outsourcing" into
an art-form; they are now willing to trade money for time instead of the latest
offerings from the Milan


The Baby Boomers,
have now made their fortune and are seeking Sea or Tree changes.  This band of urbanites has decided to quit
the city for the quiet rolling hills or the peaceful seaside life.

This means at least
two generations of Australians are now are making conscious choices directly
relating to their lifestyle and ultimately their happiness.  As we wade through all the marketing hype
promoting the latest "Lifestyle Butcher" or "Luxury Lifestyle Apartments", it
can be difficult to remain focused on what we truly value.   For most people these days it is having the
TIME to spend with loved ones and TIME to spend on ourselves.

We may be encouraged
to believe that the best possible lifestyle is by the ocean or in the
hinterlands, but ultimately lifestyle is an individual choice that creates a
satisfying balance between your career, family, health and leisure activities,
regardless of the physical location.

So how can we create
this lifestyle?

  • Believe it is possible to be paid to do what
    you love, Kahil Gibran says "Work is love made visible".
  • Learn to appreciate our families regardless
    of what they do and who they are; if you have chosen to live together, it is
    important to support each other.
  • Take care of your physical and mental health.
  • Make time for a hobby, a sport or leisure
    activity. How many times have you heard
    of people making their hobby their source of income? Unless you create leisure time to explore
    possible hobbies this won't happen.

Andrew Matthew
quotes "Your life will only work when you take full responsibility for your
choices".  By choosing to make positive
choices rather than doing nothing, we have the capacity to regain control of
our lifestyles.  We will become empowered
in the knowledge that we now have the ability to create our individual ideal

It was once
said:  "One's destiny is not determined
by luck but by his own choice. (Anon)", true words indeed.  In our democratic and tolerant society, we
all have the gift of choice; it is only limited by your imagination and

Adele Blair is the Director of Blair Lifestyle Management. For more information on investing in your lifestyle, contact Adele on 07 3848 8884 or go to

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