Tech Toy Review: BlueAnt SuperTooth 2

I’m always sceptical of Bluetooth devices that promise to give you that ‘car-kit’ experience without the bite in your hip pocket.
The SuperTooth 2 was no exception. After checking that this device would support my phone (A comprehensive list of supported phones is available from I decided to bite the bullet and buy this device brand new off eBay, hoping that this would not be one of ‘those’ devices.

Then came the day that my SuperTooth 2 arrived.  It came in a nice detailed box with instructions, and accessories; Two metal clips for attaching to your sun visor, AC Adaptor, and earpiece if you want to hook directly into the SuperTooth.

The SuperTooth 2 has up to 20 hours talk time, 800 hours standby time and a 10m operating radius.

After charging the SuperTooth (approx 3 hours) I affixed the metal clip to the magnetic back of the SuperTooth, and rushed to my car eager to try my new toy out.

The instructions for pairing my mobile with the SuperTooth were a breeze.  Simply flipping the Swivel Arm to a 55º position my SuperTooth sprung to life with a flash of green light, and blinking blue light to indicate the Bluetooth.

After holding down the Reject Button and the Answer Button for about 10 seconds, my new toy let out a beep, and the LED flashed blue and red indicating it was now ready for pairing with my phone.

With Bluetooth already enabled on my phone I quickly searched for Bluetooth devices, and located my SuperTooth and selected it.  My phone was now paired.

I jumped in my car and drove out whilst making a call on my mobile, with my key presses being heard on speaker mode through the SuperTooth.  I heard a voice answer on the other side clearly, I spoke back asking if the person was hearing me ok.  After a little adjustment of the volume on the device I was loud and clear with no feedback.  This was fantastic!

I had just saved myself the cost of a professional car-kit plus installation!  With a little more tweaking I added an off the shelf phone cradle and attached it to my dash board.  I now had a true mobile car-kit.

My recommendation?

The SuperTooth 2 is perfect for people like myself who want a car-kit, but don’t want to have to pay those exhorbent professional car-kit installation fees. I can also take this device with me where ever I go, whether it is in a car, or making a call from my desk.

The SuperTooth 2 retails for $199.00, but if you do a bit of research you can pick one up for around $130.00 to $160.00 brand new.

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